Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Making Choices

Outward View HDR

This was actually my second choice for post processing this image but I think that it turned out better.

The above image is a single image or pseudo HDR. Because of the movement of the people in the scene, it doesn’t make a good HDR subject. With a single frame processed as a tone mapped image, you do not have to deal with subject movement. The processing brightened the colors of the bridge and intensified the color in the background buildings as well.

 Outward View

This was my original idea for this picture. I thought that by using selective color on the bridge structure, it would draw attention to the bridge itself. Well, that sort of works but the image seems lacking. The mood feels more sombre as well.

These images were taken on a photowalk at Eau Claire in downtown Calgary hosted by Mike Fitton and me a few weeks ago. Mike and I are hosting another photowalk, this time at the Didsbury Show & Shine Car Show on May 12, 2012 on Main Street in Didsbury, Alberta. Anyone in the area who is interested in photographing some great cars is welcome to attend.

In the best light…


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