Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Darwin’s Special Places

Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou have brought us another great eBook via their website This time they are out to the Kootenay Plains and Abraham Lake.

Abraham Lake
Abraham Lake


This book covers the area between the Saskatchewan River Crossing in Banff National Park and Nordegg, Alberta along Highway 11 (also known as the David Thompson Highway)

This really is a special place to Darwin, he has visited the area since his youth. With that depth of knowledge of a particular area, some great insights to the land and it light are offered.


The book features amazing photography from both Darwin and Samantha, along with commentary regarding people’s disregard for the fragile environment. What you can do to help is covered in a section called “Little Green Steps”. They are both committed to the environment and run many of their photo tours from Aurum Lodge, an eco lodge run by Alan and Madeline Ernst.


Having attended one of the photo tours based at the Aurum Lodge, I can personally attest to the majesty of the area. Also having experienced the winter lake ice, please heed the warnings in the book about safety on the lake.


At about 200 pages, the eBook is quite large. There are plenty of details of where to stop and when, both months and time of day. Take my advice buy the eBook, travel to Abraham Lake and the Kootenay Plain, maybe even stay at Aurum Lodge, take pictures to your heart’s content and fall in love the the region like I did.

In the best light…


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