Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Dave Brosha Rocks Cochrane


On Saturday afternoon those lucky enough to have seats at Dave Brosha’s Mastering Environmental Light Seminar in Cochrane were treated to simple techniques to improve your photography.

The seminar was hosted by Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin Wiggett, and their Oopoomoo website. This was the second of six talks offered so far this year. Dave started the talk with his process for creating environmental portraits that pop! This was followed by a slideshow of Dave’s images, many that I remember when they came out after each of the photo shoots.


After the break, Dave set up a live shoot with model, Talyn Stone. Talyn is a very talented model who responded to Dave’s suggestions with interesting and photogenic poses. Darwin even got into modeling doing a few poses with Talyn. (bottom photo) That drew laughs from the audience. All in all it was an educative event, for me photographically refreshing and inspiring.

Now, if I can only remember everything he said.

In the best light…


2 responses

  1. Please share some tips!


    January 30, 2012 at 05:32

  2. Thanks for coming John! And great job getting the magic moment here!


    January 30, 2012 at 07:58

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