Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

I Have Seen The Street Scene

Pass This Way Again


I was first attracted to the large mural on the front of the building. The strong cross lighting cast hard shadows onto the storefront. I snapped a few shots but the scene needed something more in the frame. The first few had a person but in the wrong place or with a car obstructing the view. This woman came along the other side of the street and placed herself in the correct place. Her shadow falls in the extreme left of the image, balancing the large shadow of the tree on the other side. I’m not sure why she raised her hand to her forehead, Maybe she’s looking down the sidewalk or maybe the sun is giving her a headache. I like the fact she’s dressed all in black, it accentuates the colors of the wall. Living in a small town, there’s less opportunity to do street photography, something I’ll have to remedy with more photography in the city.

In the best light…


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