Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Instagramming Weekend


While my DSLR is in the hospital, I’ve been using my wife’s D80. This weekend I wandered around sans “big camera” and was iPhoning as I went.

The bright colors of the classic Spam® can caught my eye. The tops of the cans have a bright yellow tint, so I capitalized on that to accent the rest of the bold graphic. I tried to get a repeating pattern with the can tops but didn’t find a composition that I liked, so I went with the straight front of the can shot. By framing the “Best Before” on the box, it added a little more the story.

Granny Smith

A stack of perfect apples is always appealing to me. I had to find an angle that didn’t show all of the little labels that they now put on fruit.

Wash Day

While you are at the Laundromat washing the comforter the dog got sick on, you’ve always got time to pull out the iPhone for a few snaps. I liked the strong circle that the door of the washer made.

In the best light…


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