Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Bride In The Rain

Bride In The Rain

While shooting landscapes at Moraine Lake, I spotted a wedding party trying to shoot wedding pictures in the rain.

I first saw the group huddling under a bunch of umbrellas, later I saw the bride posing by herself on the lakeshore. I liked the backdrop of the misty mountain and the bright green conifers contrasting the wedding dress, so I got my own shot.

Matching Tie And Boots

Later, the bride wanted to take her own pictures. The turquoise gum boots were comical enough by themselves, but I loved the way the groom’s (?) tie matched the boots the bride wore. I had been down by the stream and shooting f/11 @ 1/25 sec and hadn’t changed to a faster shutter speed. I liked the way it blurred the girl in the pink sweater as she starred at the bride while walking past.

In the best light…


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