Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

What’s The Fuss About Google Plus?

Circles of Confusion?


I’ve been trying out Google+ for a few weeks now and am finding it interesting. Most non-Luddites may have heard of Google’s foray into the social networking scene.  You can follow someone, like on Twitter, but they aren’t limited to 140 characters. You can put someone in your friend circle, they don’t have to “friend” you like Facebook. You don’t have to actually know the person, like you are supposed to on LinkedIn. On Google+ you +1 things you would “like” on Facebook. It’s pretty easy to use and at this point, there aren’t any games, so, no invites to time consuming games which I love to hate, but play anyways.

Jason Odell has a blog post about his experiences with Google+, and Colby Brown has posted the Survival Guide for a Photographer’s Paradise v1.2.

I just signed up for another 2 years of Flickr Pro account, so I’ll still be hanging around there for a while, but plan on posting a few to Google+. Have you given it a try? What are your thoughts on Google+?

In the best light…


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