Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Night Vision

Night Vision 6


I’ve been playing with long exposures at night. Overhead lights create a bright streak through the image.

Night Vision 1

The moon lights the clouds and gives some definition to the shadow areas.

Night Vision 2

If you move too much while the shutter is open, the moon turns into a squiggle.

Night Vision 4

It’s nice if there is still a bit of ambient light near moonrise.

Night Vision 3

Ambient and street lighting combine to make an interesting scene.

 Night Vision 9

An oversized load has traffic blocked and the support vehicles and backed up traffic lights the overcast night.

I use a flexible tripod on my Nikon P6000 on my vehicle dash, the IR release keeps it handsfree.

Have you ventured out with your camera after the sun goes down?

In the best light…


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