Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Intersecting Lines

Intersecting Lines 2

Intersecting lines that can form patterns are an interesting compositional device.

Colored panels of a dress in a shop caught my eye. The design created multiple triangles with diverging lines. The bold colors create very strong color contrast.

Intersecting Lines 1

A quilted coat has a repeating diamond pattern that was interesting. The shadow where the sleeve rests against the body of the coat creates a dark area of interest rather than an expanse of beige material.

Intersecting Lines 3

On our way out of the store, the sun coming through the doors and reflecting from the windows create an interesting pattern on the hardwood floor, which had it’s own interesting pattern. I let the highlights burn out and kept the detail in the shadow areas, emphasizing the warmth of the wood grain.

Can you find the interest in the everyday things?

In the best light…


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