Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Nose Art

Bomber Insignia - 107 Squadron

Re-creations of aircraft nose art from World War 2 was a highlight from the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in Nanton, Alberta.

I was there to see and photograph my friend Darin’s scale model trucks. I arrived during the judging and couldn’t shoot at that time. The aircraft and memorabilia were irresistible. The Flying Eagle of the 107th Squadron was one of my faves.

Bomber Insignia - The 'Ell Cat

The ‘Ell Cat looked great and was on a partly restored airplane.

Bomber Insignia - Gallopin' Gerty


I thought that Gallopin’ Gerty was quite unusual and humorous. This one and the Flying Eagle were painted on actual metal body panels taken from vintage aircraft.

Have you taken steps to preserve the past?

In the best light…


One response

  1. Grerg Gillanders

    I was told “Gallopin’ Gerty” was named after my great grandmother Gertrude Gillanders. My Grandfather Gord Gillanders was the rear gunner and the youngest member on the original crew. The guys apparently let him chose the name and all cringed when he chose his mothers very germanic name.


    June 19, 2014 at 19:34

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