Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

How To Photograph Jasper National Park


Nice image, too bad it’s not mine. The above image is ©Darwin Wiggett, is of Pyramid Mountain from Patricia Lake and is on page 73 of his newest eBook. It’s the latest in the How To Photograph The Canadian Rockies series by Darwin Wiggett.

The Jasper National Park edition is the third in the series and covers areas of Jasper not on the Icefields Parkway. This is a Four Seasons edition, meaning Darwin gives you tips for every season of the year.


As usual… Stunning imagery abounds. The eBook PDF looks amazing on my computer monitor and the ePub version is easy to read on my iPhone.  The melt-water lake below Mount Edith Cavell, above is described in the book, including the optional trails to arrive at this location! It’s really difficult to read when you want to drop everything and take off for Jasper, and shoot to your heart’s content.


Page 82 brings you to a view of Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Mountain from Pyramid Island. How to get here and when the best times to be here are all included for your reading pleasure.

In an attempt a full disclosure, I will state that I might not be totally unbiased, because I happen to like Darwin. He’s a great guy and his image of The Athabasca River looking to the De Smet Range at sunrise on page 151 hangs in my living room. Of course, the page numbers may vary on the ePub version but, your mileage stays the same.

If you want to purchase all three of Darwin’s eBooks (Icefields Parkway, Winter & Summer and now Jasper) you can get a 25% discount.

In the best light…


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