Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Look For The Details

Number 4

I really have to credit my wife Sherri for finding this gem. The bird house was over looking an expansive coulee.

I shot this with my 60mm f/2.8, wide open to isolate the bird house and fence post from the background.

Prairie Crocus 2

These crocuses are the reason that I had mounted the 60mm Micro Nikkor to my camera. I knew that I had to get close to make the blossoms look large in the frame. In the above image I used a bit of Glamour Glow to give a softer look and feel to the image.

Prairie Crocus 1

On this image, I used a bit of Tonal Contrast that was pulled back, some Brilliance and Warmth and a Gaussian Blur that was added everywhere except the blossoms. I added the blur to soften the harshness of the background grasses.

All three of these images happened because Sherri was looking at the details, I was busy taking in the fantastic skyscapes with the 17mm on my film body. (more on these later, I hope) If you are always looking for the big picture, you can miss what’s at your feet. Have you had inspiration from others that helped your vision?

In the best light…

One response

  1. Sherri I love your eye for details, great photos John. They are amazing! I would love to have them on my walls!


    May 12, 2011 at 13:33

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