Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

At The Hustle


The film hasn’t made it to the lab yet. I hope you weren’t expecting already developed prints…

Here’s a few digital images that I snuck in on my mostly film weekend. The above picture of people loading Holgas was taken using the Hipstamatic App.


Darwin coaching people on using the double exposure “feature” on the Holga. Taken using the Instagram App.


My friend Catherine and her husband Ed at Baker Creek.


Chit chat in the driveway at Baker Creek. There was excellent discussion going on all afternoon, and the weather held out for us. Sherri shot a roll of 120 with the Holga. I shot a roll of 120 on the Brownie and 3 rolls of 35mm film between the 2 Nikon bodies and the Argus C3. I had to keep shooting on the way home to finish off the rolls. Unlike digital it’s hard to leave off in the middle of a roll.

More to come when the film gets back.

In the best light…


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