Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

The Old Bubblenose

Early 50s White Freightliner

You don’t see many White Freighliners on the road any more.

Consolidated Freightways began building their own trucks in the 1940s, with the Freightliner name. They entered into an agreement with the White Motor Company in 1951. Trucks with the White Freightliner nameplate continued to be sold up until the late 1970s. This old beauty was built sometime in the early 1950s, after 1951.

For something a little different, I thought I’d present you with a little photo essay on this fine old unit for your enjoyment.

Early 50s White Freightliner

Front view of the truck. Not too bad looking for a mostly unrestored 60 year old truck.

Early 50s White Freightliner

The early COE (Cab Over Engine) or Cabover designs had some protrusion in front of the windshield. This was nicknamed the Bubblenose, or sometimes a Shovelnose. The Kenworth cabover of a similar design was known as a Bullnose.

Early 50s White Freightliner

The interior is a little sparse, and dusty!

Early 50s White Freightliner

A nice old naturally aspirated diesel engine. If I had to guess, I’d say it was maybe a Cummins 190 hp.

Early 50s White Freightliner

Whoa, wait a minute, TWO transmissions!

Early 50s White Freightliner

Yup, It’s a 2 Sticker. Having two transmissions, you need a separate shifter for each tranny.  I would guess that it’s a 4 speed main and 4 speed auxiliary transmission.

Early 50s White Freightliner

The rear end housing was aluminum! Most modern trucks have gone back to cast iron housings. The differential is a top loading “Pancake” design.

Early 50s White Freightliner

Here’s the old girl, who comes from Sumas, WA according to the door sign. I’d love to see her after she comes out of the body shop!

In the best light…


2 responses

  1. I recently shot this same unit in a yard in Kamloops: It obvioulsy hasn’t had any work done in the body shop. It seems to have been parked in the same yard since 2012:


    March 10, 2016 at 13:00

    • It’s sad that it hasn’t been restored, but these things take time and money; and you have to have both! 🙂


      March 10, 2016 at 17:18

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