Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

How To Photograph The Canadian Rockies, Again


Darwin Wiggett’s little paperback travels in my pack all of the time. One of my favorite books, it’s long been out of print, but about to have a new life, as an eBook!

Darwin made the announcement last week on his blog that a new How To Photograph The Canadian Rockies website was now live. Darwin has rewritten the original classic into 4 eBooks (for now I hope). 2 of them are still in the works, but the Icefields Parkway is available in both a regular and winter edition.


The PDF looks great on the computer screen. It is well laid out with stunning visuals that I’ve come to expect from Darwin. But Wait There’s More! These eBooks come with the PDF but also MOBI format (for Kindle users) and EPUB format (for Apple IOS, Android and just about every other user) to take with you. These new editions also have GPS coordinates to get you in the ballpark. He doesn’t actually tell you where to place your tripod legs, he never does, that I know of anyhow. In my experience, Darwin’s teaching style is mostly getting you in front of some great visuals and answer any question you have. I think he’s accomplished that in written form.


I downloaded the ePub version onto my iPhone 4 and now carry both books with me wherever I go, I don’t even need my camera bag. The ePub version is less graphically intense than the PDF but is still easy to read on the smaller screen. As you can see the images are always great!

If you are even slightly interested in photographing the Canadian Rockies, do yourself a favour and get these books, you won’t be disappointed. Go to and buy your own copies. If you purchase both books you can use a discount code for 25% off of the regular price!

I can hardly wait for the Banff and Jasper editions to be released, rumour has it, in May.

In the best light…


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