Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Vee Lake Aurora – Feb 18, 2011 (via Lee Sacrey Photography – Lee’s Chatter)

My wife Sherri was just saying that we haven’t seen any Northern Lights this year despite the bitter cold we’ve been enduring. Meanwhile farther north in Yellowknife, NWT, my friend Lee Sacrey has been braving colder weather for some great aurora photography.

Vee Lake Aurora - Feb 18, 2011 Last night I decided to brave the -42 degree windchill and go out to photograph the Aurora. I guess I watched the commercial that says “no self-respecting Canadian would say let’s wait for a warmer day”, lol. So, at about 10:30 pm, Kyla, Jenna and I went out to Vee Lake to be under The Great Northern Lights. Jenna napped for most of the trip and Kyla brought the new Hey Rosetta album (we had only purchased it 2 hours earlier) and spent her time j … Read More

via Lee Sacrey Photography – Lee’s Chatter


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