Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Snow Buntings

Flight Of The Buntings

The Snow Buntings arrive in our neighbourhood every winter. They gather in large flocks and are very wary of being approached. My wife Sherri was driving down a country road and I was in the passenger seat, scouting for photo opps. We had just left a location when the flock of Snow Buntings appeared beyond the crest of a hill. The flock wheeled in our direction and I shot out the open window with my 70-200mm in the -10°C weather. I kept firing the shutter as they circled around and then landed further away from us.


Snow Buntings At Rest


In January of 2010 we found another flock not far from town. I would estimate there were at least 500 birds in the flock.

Snow Buntings In Flight

As we got closer, the birds took to wing and moved back from the road. Sometimes the Snow Buntings are right on the roadway. The white birds are hard to see and can surprise you when they fly up in front of you.

Best light to you …


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