Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Searching For Alpenglow

Last Light

I travel through the mountains of British Columbia every week for my work. I’m always looking for great light. The warm evening light is one of my favourites. The sun was jus touching the tip of this peak but was still fairly high in the sky and didn’t have very much color. There was just a hint of yellow coming out, but exposing enough to keep the trees from going black, I couldn’t underexpose the peak to enhance the color.


Light Ridge

The whole ridge was lit east of Revelstoke, BC and there was some color spilled onto the clouds. The snow covered trees added a nice touch to the image.

Peak Light

The peaks above Roger’s Pass, BC have the nice orange color that most people associate with alpenglow. Not too shabby, but I still want to get my big camera on this scene.

In the best light…

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