Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Back From The Reject Pile

Purple Mount Rundle


Many of the photographers that I know are relentless deleters. They go through their take rating the images and then delete the images that don’t make the grade. I suppose that this is a must for high volume shooters. They have too many images to deal with marginal ones or ones that need too much work. I would rate myself as a medium volume shooter. In the past year I shot between 12 and 15 thousand frames with two camera bodies and one point and shoot. I go through my files, rate them and immediately process the best ones. The rest of them languish on my hard drives. Once in a while, I have a need to go back and look through old folders. I came across a 3 image HDR set in a folder from last April. They hadn’t been processed, and looked both sharp and interesting. I hadn’t been out shooting much in November and December, and had the time to work on old images. I think that I’ve found a few good ones.


One response

  1. A beautiful image, John. I don’t delete the images I don’t rate either, and once in a while I will go back through them and find something that I will decide to process and it turns out to be a gem.

    I believe that over time I am improving my eye for composition and my skills with the camera and during post processing, so it would be foolish to just delete anything that does not look like it has potential today. You never know how you will perceive the opportunity with a given image tomorrow.


    January 5, 2011 at 15:26

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