Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Graveyard Flats–BNP

Graveyard Flats Sun Flare

When I visited Graveyard Flats in November 2009 it was covered in snow and looked pristine, but apparently things were not all they seemed. Shooting at the same location in the summer, Darwin Wiggett discovered beneath the snow, garbage like oil drums and other things, possibly dating from the road construction.

Graveyard Flats Bronze Water

Darwin is planning a clean-up of  Graveyard Flats in 2011, if you can help please let Darwin know. This area need to be looked after, to be preserved in a natural state for the future.

The above pictures were languishing on my hard drive and I decided to post process and upload them. They were taken on Darwin’s Fire and Ice Photo Tour in 2009. The 2 were from Graveyard Flats and are within walking distance of Highway 93, The Icefields Parkway.

More to come…


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