Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

The Many Faces of Darwin


Oops, not Darwin’s face… Darwin and Brian are shooting at Rampart Flats on the Fire and Ice Photo Tour 2009, while Hendrik is still setting up. 

Darwin at Work   Darwin at Allstones Canyon

Darwin frames a shot while I frame him through George’s camera strap. Darwin at the rock face in Allstones Canyon.

2009-11-29131543755_JWF1967Darwin and Barry

Chillaxin’ while waiting for the group at Allstones.                   Back at Aurum Lodge with laptops and beer!

2010-06-17064517_JWF3825   2010-06-17065122_JWF3826 

Live View and dead mice…                                                                     … Just contemplating.

Darwin    2010-06-17194934_JWF3913

Fielding a question at St. John’s School, Leader, SK.         “Here let me pose for you”…

2010-06-17195018_JWF3915  2010-06-17195003_JWF3914

“The bright light makes me blink”                                                           ‘That’s all folks”
Flash Night at Rattler’s Restaurant, Leader, Saskatchewan.


One response

  1. Barry Ryziuk

    Thanks for sharing John, brought back a lot of great memories!



    December 13, 2010 at 18:40

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