Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Shooting On A Budget

Low Tech

Barbara Zimonick from Kamloops, BC at Adams River shooting video from her “Hockey Stick Cam”. She gaffer taped her waterproof point and shoot to the blade of the hockey stick. After starting the video, she put the camera underwater near the salmon. By moving slowly, she was able to get quite close to the fish. A very ingenious and low cost solution to an interesting problem. 

High Tech

A crew from the Discovery Channel was shooting at Adams River when we were there. They had a radio controlled video camera “flying” over the creek on a steel cable. I watched them following above the fish in the water. They could swivel, zoom and tilt as the camera moved up and down the cable. A much more technical solution to a problem. I can’t wait to see the the shot when it airs (whatever it might be…).

Sockeye Underwater 5

I was shooting stills and had to crouch next to the water, with my hand underwater, while trying to see the live display on the back of my Nikon P6000 in an Ewa-Marine Splashix (~$50 USD) housing. Every once in a while your timing works and it’s worth having your hand stuck in the icy water for long periods of time.


Underwater Photog

I saw a quite a few photographers with the big underwater DSLR housings. A few thousand or more for an underwater housing, a couple of thousand for a dry suit, spending all day in a chilly river, priceless! Ten minutes in the water in my gum boots with two pairs of socks on, and my feet were already getting cold.


One response

  1. Barbara Zimonick

    Beautiful blog John and great story-telling. Thanks for the cool comments regarding the stick-cam.


    October 29, 2010 at 12:40

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