Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Memory Lane – Oct 17, 2008

I’m reposting a day from my trip to Four Corners, from another blog, every Wednesday.

Day Ten

Another day deviating from the plan. We had breakfast at the hotel and Mom and I walked up the street to look at a shop. When we got back Sherri was down the hill with her camera out. We watched for a while, she was obviously concentrating on something.

Small Lizard

I’m not sure if it is a Plateau Fence Lizard (Sceloporous tristichus) or a Common Lesser Earless Lizard (Holbrookia maculata ).
We all got our cameras out and tried to get a picture of her. I got a few frames and Mom got one, but Sherri got the most. As you might be able to tell by the end of the brick where the lizard is standing, they are very small. 

Hwy 179 from Sedona to Oak Creek was under construction and traffic moved along very slowly. We are all getting run down and so I ditched Arcosanti and Taliesin West. I did make a stop north of New River to take pictures of Saguaro and other Cacti.

I drove east on Table Mesa Road and found a promising spot with cacti you could see from the road. Hobie and I got out and wandered out in the desert taking cactus pictures. I moved up the road so the car was closer to Hobie and she said there was a nice big Saguaro just up this little hill.

Desert Still Life

I went up and took a few more pix and started hearing creatures. It sounded to me like a flock of geese whispering but was hard to locate. I walked slowly toward the noise when a covey of Gambel’s Quail were flushed in front of me. I didn’t even get a shot off, so I went back to the car. Driving away I spotted them under a bush and pointed them out so the others could find the quail. I grabbed my camera and got one frame as the male shepherded the rest of the flock away from us.

Quail Escape

They scoot along really fast on their little legs, they looks so funny because they run upright and the topknot bobs as they go.

Mom need to stop at JC Penny so I knew there WAS a JC Penny at Metro Center so I drove directly there and there it was, closed. So I went in and dumped a bunch of change in a payphone and phoned a Penny’s store. I found the nearest one and we went there, next to the Super Target we first stopped at when we got to Phoenix the first time. From there we went to the Best Western on Northern and checked into our suite.

For supper, we found a Japanese Restaurant called Moto on 16th Street at Glendale. Looking at the menu, it looked more like an Asian fusion place than Japanese. Asian Quesadilla and Chicken Caesar are not thing I’d normally find on a Japanese menu. Sherri ordered Wonton Soup (not Japanese) and Panko Shrimp, Hobie had a Rainbow Roll and I had the Sushi and Sashimi platter. We all ordered green tea and the Genmai Cha came still in the Tea Bag as the water cooled in the stainless teapot. The table next to us was served a Maki roll in a bowl! Our food came fairly quickly and the sushi was good and the sashimi was very fresh. Sherri’s Wontons were very thick and a little doughy, but the soup tasted to me like it was based with shaved bonito. What they did to the shrimp could be classed as a crime in many states. They took very large prawns and flattened them and breaded them and cooked them until they were tough and chewy.

Back at the room, time to repack everything to fit on the plane. Mom set up our meeting with my cousin Tami for Saturday morning and went to bed early.


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