Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Memory Lane – Oct 14, 2008

I’m reposting a day from my trip to Four Corners, from another blog, every Wednesday.

Day Seven – The Grand Canyon

I was up at 5:30am and out the door by 6 after the great evening yesterday, I knew I’d have to try a sunrise shoot. I sat there in the dark beside the gate awhile. I took a few shots while I waited, I tried a couple of the Mittens moonlit and a couple looking west with the moon in the shot. As soon as I saw the first color, I couldn’t wait and went back to the tour bus entry road and scooted in the back way. I went back to some of the shooting spots from the previous night. I stayed on the public roadway and went past the furthest point from the night before. I arrived at North Window just as the sunlight was hitting the tops of the monuments.

Elephant Butte from North Window

By 8:15am it was all over and I started working my way back. I got back to the cabin with biscuits and gravy, cornbread and hot coffee. After breakfast I was sad to be leaving Goulding’s and wished we could have another day there.

I thought we’d stop at the Navajo Cultural Center at Kayenta, but we passed through without seeing any sign of it. We stopped a Trading Post in Tuba City but didn’t find anything we wanted. After getting on US89 south, I decided to stop at Cameron. I had never stopped there because they have no truck parking area but was really impressed with the place. We started out at the Gallery. They have a large number of vintage items, including rugs from the 30s and 40s, jewellery and antique pottery. The pots were divided up by tribe and even by Artists in some cases. I forgot to mention the amazing selection of woven baskets. I went through checking the prices of all of the Navajo rugs, patting myself on the back on what good deals I got. There was one display room with pots, baskets and rugs, I looked at the rug on the floor probably 10’ x 16’, it was only $30,000.00 and we were walking on it! Just before we left, a Navajo clerk demonstrated the handmade wooden flutes by playing two of them.


He was darn good at it, even though he claimed to only have taken it up 2 years ago. We went into Cameron’s regular gift shop and faced the usual assortment of mass produced tourist items and Native Indian crafts. All were clearly marked if they weren’t native made. The rug area had 6 or 7 racks for large rugs, each with two dozen or so rugs with additional smaller rugs stacked on the floor. In the middle of the room a large loom was set up with a rug in progress. After lunch we headed up the hill to the Grand Canyon. Our first view of the canyon was from the Desert View Watchtower. And yes it is just a hole in the ground, but what a hole in the ground. From there we bee lined it to the Yavapai Lodge to check in.

Desert View Watch Tower

After getting settled, we took the short hike to the Canyon Rim Trail


and from there the mile into the Grand Canyon Village, ostensibly to find dinner.


I made everyone walk to the far side of the village as I hoped to get a table at the Bright Angel Lodge. No such luck, it was an hour wait, so back to the El Tovar, where the nice hostess informed me it would be a THREE hour wait! So no supper in town, we headed back to the Yavapai Lodge and got supper in the cafeteria there. Now it’s time for bed, sunrise comes early.

Grand Canyon Moonrise


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  1. Wow! these are beautiful shots! I love the last one with the moon. But then again, I love them all.


    September 15, 2010 at 11:11

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