Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Cosmos Light Control

Aster (full sun)

Taking a picture at high noon isn’t always the best time of day to be out shooting. Often it’s when we are out and about, with camera in hand looking for that next great shot, and you don’t have all day to wait for the light to get better. The light is harsh and contrasty in the midday sun. Sometimes I’ll try to find something in the shade to capture.


The shade is nice for even tones. Sometimes, the colors can shift towards the blue, especially in the deeper shadows.

Aster (shade)

I used a white diffuser on this shot. It’s the same as the first but I’m holding a diffuser over the flower, creating my own shade. The colors are nicely saturated and look correct to what I saw. In this case, I used a 22” diffuser. It’s one of the 5-in-1 variety with different colored reflectors that can cover the diffuser. The 22” is easy to hand hold, while shooting one handed and is a good size for flowers and other smaller subjects. I also have a 42” Photoflex version which will work for a head and shoulders portrait. I find the larger one a little unwieldy and need a helper to hold it in place. This is what Joe McNally calls a VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand)


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