Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Mountain View Music Festival 2010

The Odds

This was the third annual Mountain View Music Festival held August 7-9, 2010, and the second one I’ve attended. We missed last year’s event by being out of town. I managed to see many of the acts on Friday and Saturday; unfortunately, I ran out of steam and had too many chores on Sunday to get out to see the performances.

The Odds were a surprise for me. I enjoyed their performance Friday evening, but got busy getting a shot of my friend Rene with Murray McLaughlan. I immediately recognized the theme song from the TV series Corner Gas, written by band member Craig Northey and Jesse Valenzuela. I was done in by then and decided to head home, thereby missing my friend Dave Taylor performing with The Odds!

Cloud Show

Friday had clear skies, and was hot and sunny, but on Saturday the interesting clouds rolled in, and luckily, around Carstairs. The cloud cover and mild breezes cooled things off.

Fred Eaglesmith with a Cloud Show

There were a few raindrops spattering the crowd during Fred Eaglesmith’s set, but lasted only 5 minutes or so. The winds picked up for a few minutes as well, and blew down fences enclosing the backstage area, as you can see in the lower right.


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