Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

A Lazy Long Weekend

Canola Doe

Well, I’ve been off since Thursday night and it’s now Monday afternoon. I’ve hardly posted anything and I only got out last night to do some shooting. Where have I been? Well, mostly down in the Bat Cave working on my computer, and sleeping in. I did some work on the software that dumps my backups onto my Drobo drive. And commented on Flickr and I returned comments on my blog; then I changed the design theme of my blog.  But I spent a lot of time setting up Bloglines and reading blogs. I added all of the blogs on my blogroll, so that I can make sure I don’t miss a post. But let me back up a step and tell you what Bloglines is.  I would describe Bloglines as a consolidator; it’s a central location for me to view what’s new on the sites that interest me. So far, I’ve limited my blog’s blogroll to photographers. The Blog Surfer on WordPress is limited to other WordPress blogs. I’ve added company blogs to my Bloglines. Actually you can use it to subscribe to any RSS feed, including Dilbert and The Onion! The first while takes a bit of time as Bloglines defaults to the last 10 posts on any new subscription. I could quickly review posts I’d already read on my “go to” sites, but found a lot of good reading I’d missed on my not so regular sites. Flash sites like Moose Peterson‘s don’t show the pictures but a click through gets me there. So far I’ve got over 50 subscriptions, and the best thing, Bloglines is FREE! What are your favourite Blogs? Let me know if there is one you think I should be reading.

The above image was taken last night. I’d been out with my wife Sherri and our neighbour Lesley and we were just returning home after shooting some sunset shots. This was taken with my D300s and 24-70mm @ 70mm, f/4.0, 1/30 sec, ISO 800, handheld. The little doe was just standing beside the field watching us approach. I slowed down and opened my window. I fired off a couple of frames but knew they’d be blurry, so I cranked the ISO and shot some more. This was the best one.


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