Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Point of View, St. John’s Church

The first thing you do, is get ten photographers up before it is light outside. Get them to stand in the rain at 3:50 AM and take pictures. If you are Darwin Wiggett, No Problem!

People have asked me, why would you all take pictures of the same thing? Won’t your pictures be all the same? Well, here are three guys shooting the same building, at the same day and time, within a few feet of each other. I think this will show that everyone has their own vision.

Church Light Painting.jpg

©Graham Budd All rights reserved, used with permission

First off, Graham’s is the darkest of the three. The sky and surrounding field are dark and moody. The tips of the foreground grasses are lit with a warm light as is the front of the church. There is an air of mystery about the church and locale.

Old Church at dawn

©Dave Pattinson All rights reserved, used with permission

Dave’s is the brightest of the three and the only one to frame the church to the left. The grasses are brightly lit, but the sky and the church looks natural. The left spacing leaves more space behind the church, making you think of what was behind, or perhaps the past.

Lighting the Church

I think mine looks the most manipulated in comparison. I’ve cropped to a shorter rectangle. I’ve warmed the front of the church, and brightened the roof and chimney. I’ve also deepened the shade of blue in the sky. I was going for more of a warm and welcoming look.

Although the church is recognisable in all of the images, and they are similar, I don’t think you could say they were the same.

Rainy Days.jpg

©Graham Budd All rights reserved, used with permission

Nearly two hours later, Graham scores another winner with this moody shot of the St. John’s Church through a rain covered window in the school. The rain hasn’t let up and we’ve taken refuge in the school, doing indoor shooting.

The best advice of the day was from Darwin who said “ Don’t shoot into the wind”.


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