Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Trip to Medicine River

Charlie the Porcupine

One of our first greetings on arrival at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre on July 5, 2010, was Charlie the Porcupine. This was our first meeting as he was only born on May 15, 2010. Charlie’s mother was accidentally struck that night by an RCMP officer, near Rimbey, AB, when she tried to cross the road in front of traffic. When the officer named Charles went to remove the body from the road, he noticed it had split open and there was something moving inside. This is how Charlie came into the world.

Charlie the Porcupine

Charles Lambright (the RCMP officer) found the Medicine River Wildlife Centre and the new born porcupine was transferred to the Centre. The staff of Medicine River named him Charlie in honour of the man who saved his life. Charlie has been imprinted on humans and cannot be released into the wild. He will be taken into classrooms around the country for kids to learn about porcupines. He’s very soft to pet, as long as you go in the right direction.

White Tailed Deer Fawn

This little White Tailed Fawn was struck by a car. I just popped my head in for a quick snap. This is on of two fawns at the centre that day. The other was a mule deer fawn.

Baby Beaver

This little Beaver is ready to be released in the wild with another beaver family. This is the second time we’ve seen a baby beaver at the Centre. They are too adorable and their cry sounds like mum-ma!

Baby Skunk

This little skunk was so cute. It’s about five inches tall at the head, and was out behind the Centre looking for bugs. The skunk is wild but fairly used to people. It looked at me for a few seconds and then turned around and scurried away.


Otis is a Great Horned Owl and a permanent resident at Medicine River. He’s a veteran of numerous school visits and is very calm around people.

The Medicine River Wildlife Centre is open from May to September 10 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week.


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