Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Suffering for My Vision

Dorothy (Alberta Pacific)

I composed the shot and was annoyed by a plastic bag stuck on the barbed wire fence. So I hiked over in front of the elevator to remove it. My last step before reaching the bag, I was ankle deep in water I couldn’t see in the thick grass. D’oh, on my last day of a 5 day trip, I had to go into my laundry bag and retrieve my cleanest socks, and then put on my driest shoes. After packing 5 extra pairs of socks for 5 days, I thought that was enough. Between my not liking my feet to be wet when they aren’t supposed to be and the incredibly wet weather we endured in Saskatchewan, I needed more socks or waders.

This is the old Alberta Pacific Grain Company elevator at Dorothy that I have previously featured on my blog.

I had been contacted by Cody Kapcsos and Jim Henry on Flickr about their group the Alberta Wooden Grain Elevator Survey 2010 around the end of May. They had seen my photograph of this elevator on Flickr and asked me to join their endeavours. I was returning from Darwin Wiggett, Samantha Chrysanthou and Branimir Gjetvaj’s Extreme Saskatchewan photo tour in Leader, SK that day, so was able to shoot wooden elevators from the Saskatchewan border all of the way home.


P&H (Sharples) 2

Later, I learned to stand where it was dryer.

This is the elevator at Sharples, a place I’d never heard of (unbelievable as that is) until asked to shoot there by the group. Sharples is in the bottom of the Kneehill Creek valley and appears to be a ghost town, occupied by the constant humming of a gas compressor station. Kneehill Creek is a meandering stream that winds through it’s valley cutting into the tall banks and is very picturesque.

Rowley 1

Rowley has restored their grain elevators and with the interesting buildings and quaint streets, it’s like a little Heritage Park without an admission gate. It is another “must return” site.


More Saskatchewan later…


3 responses

  1. Beautiful shots, looks like you got some great weather during the tour. I heard that Saskatchewan has been getting lots of rain.


    June 21, 2010 at 19:28

  2. Consuelo, It was unbelievable! Thursday was 24 hours of rain, 2 inches in a day, in an area that gets 6-8 in a normal year! We got chased out of Maple Creek by the flood. I had a fabulous time and loved it all. I’m one hurting unit today, but I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it! The grain elevators were my drive home…


    June 21, 2010 at 20:12

  3. Conrad

    glad to see a few wooden grain elevators still standing! As I was scrolling thru my 10 year old asks, “What’s that?” So I had to explain. Could always tell how far you were when the grain elevators started coming into sight!


    June 21, 2010 at 20:27

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