Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Hit The Brakes!

Shades of Green

If you are like me, I know there are times when you are going down the road and you see something that catches your eye. Do you stop and take the picture? There are many times when you literally can not stop, and should not stop. Always park safely out of the way of traffic. Make sure you can safely exit your vehicle or you’ll never get your shot. If it is safe to get out and capture your images, I’d say “do it”. There have been uncountable occasions when I couldn’t stop and get the shot. Then there are times when it is because I’m running short on time or getting tired and lazy that I don’t stop. These are the times that I really regret not making the time to get off of my butt, especially when I have all of my equipment with me. I’ve never regretted stopping and not getting the images I wanted, if I’ve made a decent effort at trying to get them.

The above image was one of those stop and try moments. This is was taken just off of the Trans-Canada Highway just east of the Banff/Lake Minnewanka exit. The highway is very busy in this area and we pulled right off of the pavement shoulder and onto the gravel. Getting back on, we waited for a big gap in traffic. It’s not great but I still like the varied shades of green in the junipers. Not my best image, but one I’m happy about because I made the effort.

I’ll say it again, the highway is not always the safest place in or out of your vehicle. Stop safely out of the way of traffic. Keep a safe distance from wildlife. Keep clicking.


One response

  1. Ruth Knox

    This photo makes me want to climb that hill and explore everything up there. The whole scene, especially with the angle you took, is like an invitation.


    May 2, 2010 at 05:53

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