Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Lazy Day at the Lodge

Ice on the Lakeshore

I had a hectic three days in Canmore. It was Great, but really busy, and I’m just not used to going to bed and getting up early anymore. I spent four and a half hours at Vermillion Lakes Monday morning. I got there at FIVE Thirty AM. Some days that’s bedtime for me… When we were done shopping, washing the truck and running around Canmore, we finally got on the road about 2pm, the traffic was heavy for a monday and the construction made it worse. I should have taken 1A but was thinking of a shot of Castle Mountain from the highway (it never happened). It was sunny when we left Canmore but had clouded over by the time we got to Banff, Castle Mountain was socked in. It seemed like we were stopping every fifty feet for another flagger.
Turning north on Highway 93 was like a moment of Zen. Mostly the people driving 93 want to be there and see things. The Icefields Parkway (hwy 93) has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The rest of the drive to Aurum Lodge was serene.
Having gone to bed late and gotten up early for three days, I decided to not set an alarm and we could miss a sunset and sunrise if we wanted to. So we slept in late into the morning, had a leisurely breakfast and a short wander later. After a little siesta, we went for a longer stroll around the property. We looked out at Abraham Lake from the edge of the bluff and in under the forest canopy. We saw scenic vistas and tiny Bearberry flowers, all without even starting the truck!
The above image is of the last of the large ice pans that lay on the shore of Abraham Lake in the Kootenay Plains area. The water is blue due to the glacial runoff that gives the beautiful blue color to many of the lakes in the Rocky Mountains.


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  1. Great shot! Simple and effective with wonderful use of negative space



    April 28, 2010 at 12:09

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