Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

A Matter of Focus

Duststorm over Spider Rock

What am I going to shoot today? It’s something I think about everyday. There are a few things around my town I want to photograph but there are still far away places I want to see. One of my photographic mentors, Courtney Milne after traveling around the world, now shoots the swimming pool in his backyard for his website’s “Pool of Possibilities“. I’m still in stuck in the “I’ve got to go out and get the shots” state of mind. Since switching to digital, I find that I am returning to the same locations near home to shoot different light and other conditions. After talking to Darwin Wiggett about “Trophy Hunters”, Photographers who head out and grab the shot and then “Next”! I recognize that I used to shoot that way. Now,when I do get out, I take more time and look around more and see the details. I still love the “Big Picture” or the Grand Landscape but there are a lot of smaller pictures everywhere. I probably still have a checklist, but getting “The Shot” doesn’t end things. I stick around to see what else is around.

Spider Rock is an amazing monolith over 800’ high rising from the bottom of Canyon de Chelly. The Canyon de Chelly National Monument is located in the Navajo Nation or Navajo Indian Reservation. Known as the “Big Rez” it is the largest Native American Jurisdiction and has lands in 3 states. After looking over the edge to the dizzying depths below, (yes kids, those are trees at the base) I kept taking pictures all the way back to the car. This is what I found.

Juniper and Aspen

The beautiful small yellow aspen leaves contrasted nicely with the browns and reds and caught my attention. I liked the twisted grain in the wood. I think it turned out pretty good. So, Keep clicking. Electrons are free! Memory Cards want to be Used!


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