Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Storm Over the Yam / Post Processing

Storm Over the Yam, originally uploaded by johnfuj.

I haven’t gotten my big camera on Mt Yamnuska when the weather is this “good”. I love the detail in the rock face that doesn’t come through in this shot. The Nikon P6000 does much better than I expected. I’m surprised that this camera has been discontinued and not been replaced. The VR helps a lot when you are hand holding most of the shots. I appreciate the GPS built into this camera, but would like it to locate faster and not use up so much battery. I especially like the RAW format files this camera can produce. It fits very well with my post processing workflow.

My Post Processing Workflow

I ingest the flash card into Photo Mechanic where i grade the shots and pick my selects. I haven’t yet done any HDR with the Point and Shoot, but this is where it would happen in Photomatix Pro. Processed Tone Mapped images and my selects would now get edited in Capture NX2. I often use Nik Color Efex Pro 3 for NX in many of my images. I don’t often use the wild filters, mostly Pro Contrast, Graduated Neutral Density and Brilliance and Warmth. HDRs are saved as NEF files in CNX2 so I can alter my adjustments. I usually delete the original TIF files from Photomatix to save space. Back in Photo Mechanic I edit the ITPC metadata, make sure GPS data is entered for images that I want Geotagged. I then add Structured Keywords for the Keyword Tags and then Title each image. If I think of comments ahead of time I’ll add them now, but often I end up adding them later. Once everything is done, I use Photo Mechanic to upload my processed images to Flickr.
For Storm Over the Yam I used Pro Contrast, Graduated Neutral Density, and Brilliance and Warmth then I added Color Control Points to brighten the foreground trees and a couple to increase contrast in the clouds. Unsharp Mask was my final step before saving and uploading.


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