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Lone Tree

Lone Tree

This blast from the past was taken on a 2008 trip to Prince George, BC at the Norton Ranch. The area was hard hit early by the mountain pine beetle. Where a forest once stood, this lone tree is a stark reminder of what once was.

I found this image resting unprocessed in my archives, and thought it would be a good candidate for conversion to black and white. It was done in Adobe Photoshop CC and Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

In the best light…

Tree Silhouette

Tree Silhouette

This image is mostly about mood. I let the camera expose for the setting sun, which was still quite bright, this made the clouds darker and the tree almost black. The lone tree in the distance has a feeling of solitude and independence.

In the best light…

World’s Worst Photowalk?


My wife and I signed up for the Worldwide Photowalk in Banff this year. The meet time was set for 2PM at the Cascade Mall. We arrived at 1:45 PM and left at 2:15 PM after nobody showed up. So we decided to do our own thing. We wandered through town but decided we didn’t like the overcast or the crowds. Then headed out to Lake Louise where we ran through a minor snowstorm and faced some light rain when we got there. Moraine Lake Road was closed for the season so we headed up to the Chateau, where we spent an hour shooting. Afterward we made our way back to Vermillion Lakes. I bypassed number 2 where road construction and other vehicle were taking up the parking. I shot at number 3 for a while as the light changed. The rain and snow were moving in from Lake Louise, so I packed up and went to turn around. As I came up to the turnaround, I saw that the bay on the west side of Vermillion Lakes #3 was wind free and smooth as glass. So I parked again and got this shot!

In the best light…

Life Is Simple


I’m running behind this week and won’t be doing a lot of writing.

In my previous post (Is Life Complicated?), I spoke of complication in an image. This week I’d like to present a simple image. The trees against a smoky background is one of my least complicated images. The evergreen silhouettes are weighted to the right but are offset by the gray hills on the left. The conversion to black and white in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 helps to simplify the image.

In the best light…

Does It Have To Be Sharp?

Lone Tree

Normally, I’m a sharpness freak. I like to see crisp edges to objects in my images, everything tack sharp. Once in a while there comes an image like this one. I wasn’t as steady as I thought I was, or the focus was off, but still liked the composition. So I added Glamour Glow for an even softer look with Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4. The rustic frame also comes from CFxP4, and contributes to the mellow mood.  When the subject is unclear, sometimes it simplifies the message. The image is no longer about the specific location or tree or sunset. To me it infers that it could be any location or tree or sunset. It also suggests possibilities, like “What’s over the horizon?”.

In the best light…

Cones On A Branch


There wasn’t much color to begin with in this image. The branch is from a dead tree that had fallen over and was a nearly uniform grey color. There wasn’t much to differentiate the parts that were in or out of focus. I started by increasing the contrast in the image, then converting the image to black and white. I darkened the edges with a vignette and sharpened the in focus cones in the center of the image with the hopes that it would help make the image pop a little more. I thought the high contrast made the image work for me.

In the best light…

Among The Roots

A Nest Of Cones

I came across a bunch of spruce cones that were gathered, naturally, amongst the exposed roots of a large spruce tree. The small branches in the frame make the image look busier but the strong textures in the bare roots help pull the image together. Looking down you can find many interesting things just laying around. Patterns and textures are often good photographic subjects.

In the best light…

Not The Big Picture

Twisted Roots

Some days I’m all about the “Hero” shot, or the Grand Landscape. Once I’ve found the Big Picture, I start looking around saying what else is here, what’s interesting? Sometimes I don’t find much or what I do find doesn’t make the cut. Often when I’m in the mountains there is plethora of details and smaller pictures ready for the taking. This week I’m bringing you three such images. All are loosely center around trees and roots. The first is an overturned tree and it’s roots facing Johnson Lake in Banff National Park. I wanted to get down low to place part of the roots above the skyline.

In the best light…

A Simple Image

Nose Hill Sunset

Nose Hill Sunset

We stopped on 14th Street to view an overlook of the city. When I turned around, I saw the last bit of light over the hill. I let the tree and hillside go to a silhouette. I wanted to capture the subtle gradation fro the orange at the horizon to the deep blue at the top of the frame. The view in the other direction was full of chaos, with lights, buildings, roads and traffic. Turning around was a moment of Zen. It calmed and relaxed me at once. I hope it will provide you with a little peace and calm in your busy lives.

In the best light…

Searching For A Winter Landscape

Sun And Snow

Driving around the country side looking for shots, we came across this magnificent open field. I thought there was a shot there.


Misty Trees

Trees In The Mist

As we are nearing the end of the year, the future looks uncertain like the mist in the trees. Who know what lies ahead for us in the new year. 2010 was a great year for me photographically speaking. As for next year, I need to get out with my camera a keep taking pictures. I know i can still improve my photography with some hard work and dedication. I hope you are working at improving your images and that I can contribute to that effort.

More Summer Please

Greens of Summer

There’s nothing like a little back lighting to make things pop. These trees near Three Valley Gap, BC were just calling out to me. The trees at home are just starting to leaf out. I’ve been missing the green from what seemed like a long winter. We didn’t get many really bad storms but with the early cold snap, we didn’t get any autumn last year. I’m looking forward to seeing some green this year.

I named this image “The Greens of Summer”. It’s probably more like the greens of spring but if you won’t tell I won’t tell. The line, for readers under the age of 40, is from the Paul Simon song Kodachrome.


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