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Three Sisters Rays

Three Sisters Rays

The Three Sisters near Canmore, Alberta are a striking mountain formation. Long time readers of my blog will have seen other images of this landmark. In this image, I liked the light rays streaming through the fog.

In the best light…

The City At Night

Orion Over Calgary

Looking over the downtown area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I noticed that the constellation Orion was hanging above the Calgary Tower. In order to get the stars in the sky to show up, I used a graduated neutral density filter that was mounted upside down to reduce the exposure of the lights of the office buildings.


The Big Giant Head

Big Giant Head

Wonderland is the actual name of the sculpture, but a 12 metre tall wire mesh head sculpture, what else could you call it other than the Big Giant Head. If you were ever a fan of the TV series Third Rock From The Sun, you can’t get the Big Giant Head out of your mind.


Zooming Around Town

City Burst

As Pablo Picasso supposedly once said “Good artist copy, great artists steal”. I met my friends Peter Carroll and Royce Howland out on a hill above downtown Calgary for some night shooting this past weekend. Peter was trying some zooming shots, and so I thought that I might give it a go as well.


Light On The Water

Golden Water

Watching the light on water is one of my favorite pastimes.


Light And Shadow


Light is the all important factor in photography. Without it, we only have darkness. Light does have properties and qualities that create mood.


Under Light

Under Light

In the evening, the angled light of the setting sun provides different levels of light on the different layers of clouds. The real trick is finding layers of clouds at sunset. I let the foreground go almost to a silhouette to retain the detail in the clouds.

In the best light…

Silhouette Ridge

Silhouette Ridge

The last light of the day was turning the clouds a magenta, yet leaving the rest of the sky a deep blue. The light was so low, the mountains have barely any detail. I softened the image a little with Glamour Glow from Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 to create some more moodiness.

In the best light…

Dave Brosha Rocks Cochrane


On Saturday afternoon those lucky enough to have seats at Dave Brosha’s Mastering Environmental Light Seminar in Cochrane were treated to simple techniques to improve your photography.


Cool Nicola Afternoon

Nicola Clouds

Travelling the 5A highway between Merritt and Kamloops, British Columbia there is some excellent high country grasslands. The hills are veined with ravines. The land is sculpted by centuries of erosion, but it’s hard to show the marvellous lines and curves that run up and down the Nicola Valley. An overcast day and thick clouds helped to show the golden colors in a nicely saturated way. I like the way the highway forms an S curve into the image. The fence and power poles form multiple repeating patterns that also lead your eye into the center of the frame where the lines in the hill can be seen. Even the heavy overcast day wasn’t all that bad.

Do you have trouble with “bad light”, or like Samantha Chrysanthou , do you believe there is no bad light?

In the best light…

Controlled Burn As A Light Modifier

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

They were burning off some areas of Mountain Pine Beetle killed forest in Yoho National Park a few weeks ago. The smoke drifted into Alberta and down the Bow Valley. In some areas it was so thick, it almost blocked out the sun. The light that did penetrate the smoke had brownish orange cast to it, that you rarely see naturally. There was only one area that was thick enough area to give me this nice of tone. I liked the gradation of darkness from the foreground trees to the background mountains.

Have you seen any really nice natural light lately?

In the best light…

Chiaroscuro–The Interplay Of Light And Shadow

Evening Light On Mount Temple

The evening light warms the top of Mount Temple.


Prairie Storms

Thunderhead Approaches

Every summer huge thunderheads form over the prairies. They are a delight to photograph and amazing to watch.


After Dark

Blue Hour Rundle

In this image that I titled “Blue Hour Rundle”, because it was taken in what’s know as the “Blue Hour”. It is the twilight period after sunset or before sunrise. The cool light after sunset has made everything look blue. A long exposure has smoothed the water giving me a nicer reflection.

Nikon D300s, 24-70mm f/2.8 @ f/8.0, 20 seconds, ISO 200, WB 10000k

Do you pack up when the sun goes down? Try staying a little later and see what happens to the light.

In the best light…

Night Vision

Night Vision 6


I’ve been playing with long exposures at night. Overhead lights create a bright streak through the image.


Intersecting Lines

Intersecting Lines 2

Intersecting lines that can form patterns are an interesting compositional device.


Highlight And Shadow

Light And Shadow On Mount McDonald

I try to pay attention to light and shadow wherever I go. The interplay between the two is essential to good photography.


I Like The Night Light

I Like The Night Light

If you want to have a really different look to your images, try going out at night and taking pictures.


Photo Basics, Directional Light


We approached this tree from the east near sunset. As you can see by the long shadows coming towards us, we are in a backlighting situation.


Photography Basics–Light

Sun And Lone Pine

The word photography is based on the Greek φῶς (photos) "light" and γραφή (graphé) "representation by means of lines" or "drawing", together meaning "drawing with light.

As I start my second year of blogging, I thought I’d embark on a project to cover the basic concepts of photography as I see them.


The Speed Of Mountain Light

Cloud Wrap

Photography is all about light and shadows. Nowhere does that change quicker than in the mountains.


Cosmos Light Control

Aster (full sun)

Taking a picture at high noon isn’t always the best time of day to be out shooting. Often it’s when we are out and about, with camera in hand looking for that next great shot, and you don’t have all day to wait for the light to get better. The light is harsh and contrasty in the midday sun. Sometimes I’ll try to find something in the shade to capture. (more…)

Light Painting

To me light painting is more than just taking pictures at night. By adding light selectively you can highlight certain features. You can create focal points or change the entire mood of an image. The first two are outdoor images and need to be done when the light is low to see the effect of your added light. Having some light in the sky allows some color and or detail in the sky. Inside, you only need a difference in light level as to be noticeable.

Wagon Moon

Wagon light painted by Catherine. (more…)


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