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Lone Pine

Lone Pine

I was hoping for a nice reflection of the tree in the water but the wind rippled the surface of the lake. The blue of Emerald Lake shows up nicely in the ripples, whereas the yellow in the slope reflects in the the calmer portion.

In the best light…

Kayak In The Mist

Kayak In The Mist

A kayaker in the mist of an early morning on Shuswap Lake, from 2010.

In the best light…

Rundle Reflection

Rundle Reflection

Instead of going for the usual grand landscape with the mountain and the sky, I concentrated on the reflection in Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park. I liked the way that the cloud hung in the sky and was mirrored in the still water. The bit of color from the sunrise accents the triangles formed by the upside down peaks.

In the best light…

Last Light At Vermillion

Sunset Over Eagle Mountain

At the end of the day, Dave Brosha both wanted to stay and leave. You can never tell what’s going to happen to the light, but he was flying out of Edmonton and had to drive there that night, and he was my ride back to Cochrane. Well, we stayed until after the sun set. This was one of the last of my frames from the day. Looking west across Vermillion Lakes 3, with the backlighting on the clouds.

This photo is the last that I’m planning to post, of the ones that were taken as part of the Persistent Vision weekend Field Shoot put on by at Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park with guest instructor David DuChemin.

Looking back, it was just over a month ago and still fairly fresh in my mind. The experience of a photographic event of this sort should not be minimized. There was a massive amount of learning going on everyday. Even the social events were educational. I met a number of new friends and got together with others, many whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I really want to thank my friends Darwin Wiggett, Samantha Chrysanthou and Catherine Byram from for organizing such a fantastic event. I’m hoping we’ll see more like this in the future.

In the best light…

On A Wintry Morn

Across The River

An overcast sunrise is harder to shoot than a spectacular one. A blazing sky filled with vivid colors is easy pickings. On a grey day you have to be more thoughtful about your shots.


Trees And Snow

Snow And Trees

I was riding with Dave Brosha in Banff National Park, and he saw a tree! Seriously, he saw some trees that he wanted to photograph so we stopped on the side of the road.


Sunrise At Two Jack Lake

No Time To Picnic

I was booked for the Sunday afternoon photo session at Vermillion Lakes with David DuChemin as part of the Persistent Vision weekend. Dave Brosha had flown down from Yellowknife, NWT for the weekend and was also on the afternoon shoot. Dave wanted to do some additional shooting in the Rocky Mountains, so I offered to join him.


Lakeside Wander

Two Trees

The only thing that I like about winter road closures, if they occur during daylight hours, I can get out and take pictures.


Peyto Mist

Peyto Mist

My sister Sheila once worked at Tekarra Color Labs, a photo finisher in Jasper, Alberta. She said that Peyto Lake was the most photographed spot that she saw coming out of the film processor that summer.


Rundle and Red Bush

Rundle And Redbush

This frame is from a few years back. I’ve been going through some of my old stuff and finding pictures to reprocess using the newer tools that I now have at my disposal. I originally shot this at Vermillion Lakes #2 in September 2008. I thought the iconic image would be enhanced by the brilliant red leaves on the bush in the foreground, and wanted to preserve the color. I used Adobe Lightroom 4.3 with Nik Color Efex Pro 4 and Nik Viveza 2.

Nikon D80, Nikkor 12-24mm, @14mm, f/16, 1/200 sec, ISO 400

In the best light…

McGregor Lake Ice

Lake McGregor Ice

In another image that I have brought out of the archives, I’m using new post processing programs and techniques on images that have languished on my hard drives for a quite a while.

This image from the shores of Lake McGregor east of Vulcan, Alberta was made when the water was frozen over. I’m not sure that I like the way the little promontory kind of cuts the image in half. I might have changed the angle a little more or shot wider to make a clean line with the shore in hindsight. It goes to show you that sometimes you stop shooting too soon. Always try different angles and views.

In the best light…

World’s Worst Photowalk?


My wife and I signed up for the Worldwide Photowalk in Banff this year. The meet time was set for 2PM at the Cascade Mall. We arrived at 1:45 PM and left at 2:15 PM after nobody showed up. So we decided to do our own thing. We wandered through town but decided we didn’t like the overcast or the crowds. Then headed out to Lake Louise where we ran through a minor snowstorm and faced some light rain when we got there. Moraine Lake Road was closed for the season so we headed up to the Chateau, where we spent an hour shooting. Afterward we made our way back to Vermillion Lakes. I bypassed number 2 where road construction and other vehicle were taking up the parking. I shot at number 3 for a while as the light changed. The rain and snow were moving in from Lake Louise, so I packed up and went to turn around. As I came up to the turnaround, I saw that the bay on the west side of Vermillion Lakes #3 was wind free and smooth as glass. So I parked again and got this shot!

In the best light…

Is Life Complicated?

Prince Of Wales Reflection

I’m running behind this week and won’t be doing a lot of writing.

Sometimes you create an image with a lot of detail like this one of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park. Although I like the image, I find the front to back sharpness and detail to be a little distracting. I could have gone for a vignette to highlight the hotel, but didn’t think the effect would suit the image. What would you do to accentuate the hotel?

In the best light…

Sun In The Water

Sun In The Water

I’m running behind this week and won’t be doing a lot of writing.

The water in Crandell Lake was so clear, if it wasn’t for the reflection of the sun in the water, you might not be able to tell there is water there, at first glance.

In the best light…

I Hear Voices

Inukshuk Afternoon

At a recent workshop with Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou, I received some constructive criticism on how to improve my photographs. I have always considered Samantha to be a master of the intimate landscape, images with tighter framing, focusing closer to your main subject. Sam is very careful about objects poking into your images from the edges, and lines and objects that merge with one another.

As I was composing this image, I carefully placed my tripod. I knew that I wanted the inukshuk to placed against the light part of the water. When I got too low, the tree line reflection merged with the foreground rocks, so I moved in closer to get the trees off of the rocks. Some of the composition devices that I used were:

  • The two big rocks form an arrow with a line in the middle pointing to the rock figure.
  • There are three large triangles formed by the trees, rocks and the water.
  • Contrasting the smooth glassy water and the rough textured rocks

Converting the image to monochrome enhanced the contrasts in the image. I hope you are as pleased with this image as I am.

In the best light…

Smoke Get In Your Eyes

And In Your Pictures

Crandell Shoreline

The view across Crandell Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park was a little smoky.


The View From Anarchist Mountain

Sunrise Over Osoyoos

In the early morning light, Osoyoos, British Columbia is one of the prettiest towns around.


What’s In A Name?

Two Jack Lake and Mount Inglismaldie

I like the way the tones are indistinctly reflected on to the lake surface, creating bands of color. Two Jack Lake is a smallish lake below Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park. The peak in the background is Mount Inglismaldie and is the second highest in the Fairholme Range. I think that having some knowledge of your subject, that you can pass on to your viewers, will enhance their experience and enjoyment of your images. I take some pride in knowing or finding the names to all of my photo locations. This takes some study time and knowledge of the lay of the land. I look at a lot of images every week and there is little that I find more annoying than misinformation. People who are geographically challenged have numerous tools available, starting with in camera GPS tagging. Data logger GPSs offer two step photo locating. Lastly there are dozens of programs to run on your computer to add Latitude and Longitude information to your files as well as a number of web sites that can tag your photos. GeoSetter is a freeware program that can manually or automatically tag photos from track files. I usually use Photo Mechanic to geotag my files before uploading. Both Flickr and PicasaWeb have geo location features. Paper maps and Google Earth are my two main sources of geographic names. Thanks to a suggestion from Darwin Wiggett, I installed Peakfinder right into Google Earth

In the best light…

Emerald Lake Revisited

Emerald Lake Boat Dock

By revisited, I don’t mean that I made another trip there. Again, I’ve been cruising my archives and this time I have another 2009 image, this time from Emerald Lake, in Yoho National Park. A Graduated Neutral Density Filter from Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro3 helped to even the exposure. A bit of a crop cleaned up the image to make it presentable. It was a beautiful May afternoon on our way back from Golden, BC and we decided to head up to the lake. The boat rentals weren’t open for the season but were getting ready and had everything stacked on the dock. Having completed a 3-4 mile walk in Golden, I didn’t feel like going around the lake, so we ended up sticking close to the lodge.

Nikon D80, Nikkor 12-24mm @24mm, f/11, 1/50 sec, ISO 100

In the best light…

Moraine Lake, Rain Or Shine

Moraine Lake Under Clouds

On a recent trip to Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, we arrived in the middle of a rain storm.


Drama Or Color

Kamloops Lake Sunset - Subdued

I thought that I would like to try some thing different from my normal processing and create an image with a little more subdued color.


Dissecting An HDR Image–Summit Lake


This is what the camera thought was the proper exposure. The brightness from the clouds and the lake fooled the matrix metering in the camera to bring the scene into what it thought was an average exposure.  (more…)

Adams River Morning

Predawn Shuswap

This time, I’m actually at the mouth of the Adams River. Saturday we spent most of the day with Kelly Funk at Huihill Creek, a tributary of the Adams. We came to the beach at the mouth of the Adams later in the afternoon. I returned to the beach Sunday morning to photograph the dawn on Shuswap Lake.  (more…)

Exploring the East Side of Yellowstone


Fall Aspens

After leaving Gardiner, MT this morning, we headed east from Mammoth towards the north east entrance at Cooke City. We wanted a glimpse of the famous Lamar Valley Wolf Pack. The fire on Mount Washburn (the Antelope Blaze) was under control but still adding a lot of smoke into the atmosphere. There was a large crowd in the Lamar Valley and Sherri got a quick view of a Wolf butt through someone’s spotting scope. We heard them talking about the wolf activity that we “just” missed (rats). Better luck tomorrow… (more…)


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